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painted words -
poetry, art & parkinson's


Painted Words, Poetry, Art and Parkinson's is a very personal collection of twenty-five poems—an intimate excavation of the raw and the sensitive.

Waking up my artist's voice, my poet's voice after a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease—speaking the languages of creativity—I celebrate, examine and reflect.

I dig for insights, try to make sense of the senseless and honour the beauty in the mysteries of being human.

As the global pandemic pressed pause on life as we knew it, I found connection with an online community of artists, makers and creatives. Feeling inspired and empowered by these extraordinary women, I began writing poetry.   
The pages and poems in this book were born of my exploration into this brave new world of words.  

..."sing your song as only you can
no matter if it comes out 
a little off-key
just honest and open
somewhat messily imperfect

created to create
something breathed from nothing
the miracle exists
to shape and share 
our many human ways to be."

-excerpt from "the process"


Listen to the podcast.... on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
... I had the great honour of speaking with my dear friend and beautiful human, Emma Freeman on her creative unearthing podcast ( ep 35).
We talk about my creative journey through art and poetry, how things shifted after a Parkinson's diagnosis and much more. As well, I read several poems from my book.

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